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gtechna offers scalable feature-rich enforcement solutions for municipalities, private parking operators and public safety agencies. Android-based offerings on consumer and prosumer devices are a part of our long-term vision on the technology road map centered around plate-based enforcement integration

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Electronic Ticket Citation Systems that Drive Productivity and Results to New Levels for Traffic Enforcement, Parking Enforcement and Code Enforcement Operations

  • gtechna offers public safety and parking agencies the first complete and integrated multi-application software designed to automate the entire range of law enforcement activities. From license plate recognition to code enforcement and parking software, gtechna Officer™ helps you manage all aspects of your enforcement program efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Officer™ is a flexible and configurable electronic citations software system which utilizes next generation enforcement technologies to fit your business policies. Officer™ reduces the manpower required to complete enforcement activities by automatically capturing event information as it happens and then promptly processing it for fast and accurate results. By accurately and efficiently monitoring activities in the field in a simplified manner, Officer™ is helping clients worldwide optimize their use of next generation law enforcement technologies.
  • gtechna Officer™ is the most feature-rich and comprehensive ticket management system delivering full integration. Agencies know they can rely on gtechna’s strength in leading innovations such as support for mobile platforms including Android™, to produce fast measurable results.
  • Through automation, gtechna’s electronic ticket citation systems improve your efficiency and help reduce manual errors thereby increasing your return on investment. Officers spend less time on manual, repetitive administrative tasks enabling them to be more productive.
  • As leaders in the e-citation software industry, gtechna works to integrate the best technologies into a suite of products for police and parking enforcement agencies across North America. Whether it is integration with existing databases or supporting the latest in smartphone and tablet technology on the Android™ platform, Officer™ optimizes performance and gets fast and measurable results that improve enforcement efficiencies and support a healthy municipal economy.

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  • 27 Mar 2015

    Your 3 Part Guide to Pay by Plate Success – Pt. 2

     Complete Guide to Your Parking Technology Road Map. If you are just joining us, you may want to read Part 1 of this 3 Part Series on the Guide to Pay by Plate Success. For those of you eager to dive into Part 2, we begin to ‘unpack’ the terms latency and no-communication to shedFull article

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    Your 3 Part Guide to Pay by Plate Success – Pt. 1

    A Complete Guide to Your Parking Technology Road Map. In recent years we have seen a huge spike in demand for pay by plate technologies. It is obvious to parking professionals that these technologies are the way to go because it is more efficient and at the same time grows revenue. For those reasons payFull article

  • 5 Nov 2014

    Are You Realizing The Full Potential of Pay By Plate? Learn from Best-In-Class Innovations In Galveston, Texas

      The Influence of Mobile Mobile has had a marked influence in the way citizens go about daily routines throughout the spaces of a city and the parking industry has been early adopters, adapting to new mobile technologies in order to improve efficiency and service to the business community and general population, especially in metropolitanFull article

  • 17 Sep 2014

    Handwritten tickets still pose problems in D.C

    WASHINGTON—Although Metropolitan Police Department officers write less than five percent of all parking tickets, a majority of them are handwritten and prone to higher error rates. About 60 percent of the approximately 75,000 parking tickets that police wrote in the last fiscal year remain handwritten, according to D.C Inspector General. Claire Pilkington, of Fairfax County,Full article

  • 2 Sep 2014

    Montreal’s Parking Lots To Be Transformed Into Works Of Art This September

    by Michael D’Alimonte, MTL Blog, August 28, 2014 Photo cred – PARKing Day Montreal Regular, old, and boring parking spaces will becomeso much more during PARKing Day Montreal, put on by Le Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal. A worldwide event, expect to see all sorts of creative recreations of parking spots in Montreal comeFull article

  • 25 Apr 2014

    Customer Service in the Parking Management Industry

      by Jeff Nethery, Cale America The term “customer service” hasn’t been around long – just since the 1980s really. Some major companies like Macy’s figured out there was value in having dedicated staff whose job was to receive and resolve customer complaint and problems. The definition of customer service has changed as technology hasFull article

  • 17 Feb 2014

    Striking a Balance: The Economy of Space & Your Parking Ecosystem

    by David G. Onorato, Executive Director, Pittsburgh Parking Authority In his influential book The Great, Good Place, Ray Oldenburg describes at-length the growing need for citizens to have a space that is neither work nor home. He calls this place the “third place” and notes its role in promoting collaboration, community and civic engagement. Historically,Full article

  • 23 Jan 2014

    There’s a Sea Change in Parking Enforcement & It Begins with the Plate

    by Dan Rossiter, Senior Solutions Advisor The License Plate: The Barcode of Parking Enforcement Best enforcement practices have developed in on-street parking by leveraging the plate as a common denominator, essentially becoming the barcode of parking…. The Traditional Barcode What have we bought in recent times that did not have a barcode on it? FirstFull article

  • 17 Dec 2013

    Making the Android™ Operating System “Ready” for Parking Enforcement Agencies

    by Honeywell Scanning and Mobility Parking enforcement software solutions for parking management agencies have been historically dominated by Microsoft® operating systems like Windows® CE and Windows® Embedded Handheld. As end-users expect their work devices and applications to look and function like personal devices, application developers have recently begun looking for viable alternatives. Google® Android™ isFull article

  • 7 May 2013

    Interoperability Between Parking Enforcement & Public Safety Agencies

    by Mike Bourre, Vice-President Sales & Marketing, gtechna Inc. Advantages of Collaboration Between Parking Enforcement & Police Agencies For the past fifteen years I’ve worked with Public Safety and during this time interoperability has been, and still is, a hot subject. Why? Because having collaboration between public safety and parking enforcement agencies just makes sense.Full article

  • 12 Apr 2013

    A Painless Transition from Pay & Display to Pay by Plate

    by Jeff Nethery, Cale America Earlier Parking Management Systems – Pay & Display When Aspen, Colorado adopted the first Pay-and-Display system for on-street parking in the United States in the mid-90s, local merchants were outraged.  Business owners and many of the thousands of commuting employees staged a “honk in” to protest the city’s decision toFull article

  • 12 Mar 2013

    Android or Apple for Your Ticketing Software | How to Choose: Pt 2

    Where is the mobile market now and what does it mean for parking management systems? The remainder of this article, to be continued from last week in Part 1 of Android or Apple for Your Ticketing Software series, looks at reviews done on current smartphone and tablet market share and the factors that drive growth.Full article

  • 5 Mar 2013

    Android or Apple for Your Ticketing Software | How to Choose: Pt 1

    Mobile mêlée | The Mobile OS wars, where are we now when considering your next parking system? When considering your next ticketing system or an upgrade from your current parking ticket software or traffic ticket system, choices abound! More parking tickets and traffic citations are being doled out from Android and Apple devices. It isFull article

  • 21 Feb 2013

    Parking Management Systems: A History of eChalking | Part 2

    The Impact of License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology on eChalking “Proven performance of vehicle mounted LPR camera systems are showing statistics of 4000 vehicle plates scanned in an enforcement work shift. It would take roughly 20 on-foot officers in the same period of time to enforce time limit zones as a single LPR vehicle.” ManyFull article

  • 8 Feb 2013

    Parking Management Systems: A History of eChalking | Part 1

    It actually started in the mid 30’s in Oklahoma. Yes, it was the creation of the parking meter. The parking meter encouraged short term parking for the customers of local store merchants. Prior to that, on-street parking spaces were being used by employees for daily parking. There was no turnover of on-street spaces for aFull article

  • 13 Sep 2012

    Why Tablets Matter for Your eCitations Operation

    Why do media tablets matter for eCitations & Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) operations? This phenomenon will change the future of computing in business. Get up to speed on what is happening in a very fast-moving area. What should your next move be? In the world of trendy consumer tablets, the once venerated rugged tabletFull article

  • 8 Aug 2012

    eCitation 2.0 – The Rise of the Tablet

    Rock, Paper, Tablet: A Brief History Advancements in pen computing, touch and multi-touch computing combined with optical character recognition have created a synergy in enforcement technology never before seen. eCitations and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) are the number one force-multipliers on the market sought after by parking enforcement and traffic enforcement units across NorthFull article