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Business Intelligence

gtechna’s Business Intelligence provides unparalleled insight into your parking data so you can make better, more informed business decisions. Explore and analyze trends, performance, and other data types to improve your enforcement at every turn.

Your Data at a Glance

gtechna’s specialized Parking Dashboard helps optimize your operations by displaying your data the way you want it. With dimensions like timeline, workforce, infraction type, or geography, BI helps you see the data you need in real-time.

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Out of the Box or Customized

Our user interface puts you in the driver seat right out of the box by providing actionable insights in a format that’s easy to use, fully interactive, and distraction-free—and even comes with flexible presentation tools, easy collaboration, and cloud-hosting.Generate key reports that give you crucial insight into:

  • o   Officer productivity
  • o   Ticket aging by year
  • o   Cleared or voided citations
  • o   Administrative credit balance
  • o   Summary of daily payments
  • o   Citations without registered owner   information
  • o   DMV holds
  • o   Late payments
  • o   Payments received
  • o   And more

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