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We’re not simply looking to gain customers, we’re looking to build partnerships, foster growth, and ensure success. That’s why our entire strategy is based on getting to know you and your unique needs so we can help design and implement a solution that solves your problems.

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To ensure the lifelong success of our clients by empowering them with world-class enforcement solutions that satisfy their operational goals—and those they serve.


Our approach is rooted in developing meaningful partnerships with each and every client by understanding their unique needs, then designing comprehensive and innovative solutions to suit them. By remaining dedicated to the development and refinement of our products, as well as offering ongoing support, advice, and service with our Customer Success team, we empower our clients to set new standards and exceed their goals.

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Our vision is to provide secure, innovative solutions that are perfectly tailored to meet the needs of each and every organization we work with. By leveraging automation and empowering users with self-service, we’re dedicated to providing efficient and convenient services to our customers and beyond.

Michel Guay
Executive Vice-President of gtechna

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Our products are regularly updated to maximize security and capability. Click below to get access to our latest product release notes.

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At gtechna, we take security seriously. Not only do we routinely meet—and often exceed—industry security standards, but provide as much transparency as possible so our customers can rest assured knowing their data is in good hands. Click the link below to explore our full security profile.


Why our clients choose gtechna

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“Client relations and ongoing dialogue with customers are at the forefront of gtechna’s mindset. They’re eager to adapt and offer new solutions that customers may require even in terms of customization.”

James Buffet, Manager of Parking
Enforcement, City of Hamilton

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“We implemented gtechna’s software to replace an aging system that couldn’t meet our requirements. They worked relentlessly to help us achieve our goals and make this system flexible as possible to meet new demands as they happen.”

George Pequegnat, Project Team Leader, Metrolinx Toronto

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“gtechna has been an important and integral partner with the Town of Milton over the past few years. They’ve worked closely with us to ensure their platform delivers the features and functionality we need both internally and within our community. Their customer focus drives continuous improvement in their products.”

Mike Pell, Enterprise Business Systems Analyst, City of Milton


Meet Our Director of Customer Success.

David Alvarez takes pride in building market-leading solutions and creating value for customers. Click below to learn about his mission to meet parking challenges head on.

Read Q&A with David
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