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gtechna parking software makes the most of your agency’s assets and provides a streamlined experience for officers and customers with cloud-based parking rights, citations, and payments.

Read how transitioning to pay-by-plate parking has helped Pittsburgh booth revenues by 85%

Why parking authorities
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Avoid the Technology Patchwork

Many Parking Authorities are no stranger to patchwork systems rife with communication issues. We help you design and integrate a solution that consolidates your existing technology under one unified platform–one without all the daunting communication issues you’re looking to escape.

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Well organized parking is the backbone of a city

Increasing tourism, bringing in new industry, boosting local businesses, and attracting citizens to areas of the city are key to any municipality’s growth, but few can be achieved without proper management of vehicles and transportation. We bring all your parking objectives to fruition to create a foundation for success.

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Plan a roadmap to transition to new technology at your pace

Sweeping change doesn’t happen immediately —and that includes instituting new parking solutions. Our team of experts will help you design and implement a thorough plan to make a smooth transition regardless of your financial or temporal limitations.

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30 Years of Success

For over a quarter of a century, we’ve helped North American cities revolutionize the way they manage and enforce their parking. From cities to campuses to private operators, and everything in between, we’ve found solutions to solve just about every type of parking-based issue.

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