Police eCitation Software

Streamline Traffic Enforcement with integrated Police E-Ticketing Software.

  • Eliminate manual and time-consuming processes

  • Fix data accuracy and integration challenges

  • Improve officer safety and field efficiency

  • Reduce risk with secure cloud hosting

Modernize your citation processes

Streamline your ticketing processes, eliminate paperwork, and access real-time information with fully-integrated police e-ticketing software.

  • Leverage automated AI-based LPR
  • Eliminate manual entry
  • Improve compliance and user satisfaction

Maintain accurate, synched citation data

Manual data entry and the lack of integration with existing law enforcement systems can lead to data discrepancies.

With seamless integrations and automated data synchronization you ensure data accuracy, improving revenue recovery as well as internal reporting and analysis.

Officer Safety and Field Efficiency

The safety of officers and efficient field operations is paramount.

Cumbersome processes and prolonged time spent on the roadside pose risks to officers.

With streamlined field operations you minimize the time officers spend in potentially hazardous situations.

Secure Cloud Hosting for Police eCitation Software

With the increasing adoption of digital solutions in law enforcement, secure cloud hosting has become vital.

  • Protect both citation providers and their citizens
  • Enable convenient mobile payment options
  • Scale up or down as your demands change

Vehicle of interest automated alerts

Trigger a real-time alert to police automatically when a plate scan or parking transaction reveals a vehicle of interest.

license plate software

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