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Why gtechna?

The difference we make for you

Fostering customer success and growth is our primary goal. That’s why we work alongside you to understand your unique needs from the get-go, then design a comprehensive, secure, and tailored solution to fit them.


Count on best-of-breed data integrity with around-the-clock monitoring for 24/7 uptime, regular third-party penetration testing, and SOC 2 certification for guaranteed security and peace of mind.


Customer Success

Seize every opportunity to grow your organization with our Customer Success team. With the sole purpose of ensuring you derive maximum value from our partnership and your gtechna products, we’ll help you fulfill and exceed your goals in every way possible.

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Our goal is to create customer-focused solutions that address all your organization’s operational needs. With over 30 years of experience in innovating to suit each and every client, rest assured you’ll get a solution that fits your team—and delivers results.

Enforcement Automation

Do more with less. By continually innovating and releasing best-of-breed tech, we enable you to reduce your workload, eliminate administrative burdens, increase efficiency, and improve your customer’s experience through workflow automation.


Give your customers and administrative staff the intuitive and convenient solutions they want. By minimizing customer touchpoints with contactless self-service options, you’ll improve safety for both parties while also streamlining and simplifying your administrative workload.

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Improve Financial Performance

Getting financial support means justifying your spend—and increased revenue is the best place to start. Join leaders of the most adopted citations software solutions in North America, including Washington, D.C., Seattle, and Pittsburgh, where revenues have nearly doubled since becoming early adopters of smart parking solutions in 2008.

See Our Solutions in Action

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