Cities and Municipalities

We build powerful yet flexible solutions to suit the needs of every city, from small seasonal hotspots to sprawling metros. Give your residents the convenience of self-serve automation and increase their quality of life and confidence in local government, and you’ll have everything you need to grow and succeed.

Small Cities

Whether you’re a primarily non-transient community, a seasonal holiday hotspot, or a city primed for growth, we’ll be your partner in maximizing your parking and enforcement resources.

Small city

Why small cities and
towns choose gtechna

Adaptable solutions using innovative technology

Just because you’re not a big city doesn’t mean you don’t have considerable needs, nor that you can’t make big changes or have a big impact. gtechna’s innovative solutions were designed to work for cities of all sizes—including small ones.

Flexible options tailored to meet your needs

One size does not fit all. gtechna parking solutions are customizable and scalable to accommodate the needs of smaller municipalities, whether the population maintains, fluctuates with the seasons, or is on the verge of growth—and we’ll help you fulfill those needs as they change along the way.

Low-Cost alternatives best suited to your infrastructure

Whether your municipality is set up to have supplemental enforcement solutions like license plate recognition integrated into your current infrastructure or needs a complete overhaul, we’ve got a myriad of options to suit your needs—just ask the Town of Banff.

Mid-Sized Cities

It’s not uncommon for mid-sized cities to set new standards for innovation—just ask Deerfield Beach, Galveston, and Norwalk. We helped each revolutionize their current systems and we can help you do the same.

Mid sized city

Why mid-sized cities
choose gtechna

Adapt your solution to the needs of your citizens

Many cities fall into the trap of purchasing a one-size-fits-all solution. We know that this scenario simply doesn’t work. With your insight and our experienced team, we’ll design a custom solution that works for you, your city, and your citizens—not the other way around.

Build a solution that works within the constraints of your infrastructure

Mid-sized cities are often a blend of high-traffic thoroughfares and mixed residential, each with their own needs. That’s why gtechna offers a range of solutions suited to mix, match, and integrate into the current infrastructure.

Plan a roadmap to transition to new technology at your pace

Adopting a new parking solution doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why our industry-leading experts partner with you to implement a transition plan to land where you want to be without breaking the bank or disrupting your citizens. Hybrid technologies and our centralized parking rights server allow cities to systematically bring new technology into the fold all within a single platform.

Large Cities

Making big changes in a big city doesn’t have to be a big challenge. With gtechna’s experienced team and wide range of custom, cost-effective options, you can integrate new technology into old infrastructure at a scale and speed previously unimaginable.

Large city with skyscrapers

Why large cities
choose gtechna

30 years of success in major US cities and beyond

We’ve helped major US cities like Washington D.C., Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh evolve into world leaders in parking innovation by unifying operations, consolidating existing technologies, and reaching new heights in efficiency—all within one unified platform.

Well organized parking is the backbone of a city

Our experienced team is capable of assessing and deploying custom technologies to help you reach your objectives, whether it’s increased tourism, bringing in new industry, encouraging local business, attracting citizens to the downtown district, managing transportation demand or adaptive reuse programs.

Plan a roadmap to transition to new technology at your pace

Adopting a new parking solution doesn’t happen overnight. So together, we’ll implement a transition plan. With hybrid technologies and our centralized parking rights server, you can systematically bring new technology into the fold as you see fit, all within a single platform—and your budget.

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