Cloud Hosting

Built on a secure and reliable infrastructure, our three Cloud Hosting packages—Bronze, Silver, and Gold—provide scalable, cost-efficient, and high-performance in-house hosting solutions that fit your operational needs—all while meeting the strict legal requirements of your city.

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Reliability and Security

With features like unparalleled up-time, 24/7 network monitoring, and a team of IT professionals ready to address any issues or needs, you’ll get more than hosting, you’ll get an experienced support team ready at a moment’s notice—and the peace of mind that comes along with it.

Engineered Efficiency

With real-time data, your city can leverage valuable information around usage, parking availability, and parking trends that can allow you to provide better service to citizens, and deploy better enforcement in the process.

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Complete Scalability

Achieve economies of scale and only pay for what you use. With gtechna’s elastic infrastructure, you can optimize your efforts and scale up or down as your team and operational needs evolve.

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