Error Correction

Put parkers first by eliminating the potential for erroneously issued tickets. With Error Correction, you’ll reduce transposition, transcription, human, and machine errors while also putting real-time failsafe checks in place so your citizens never pay for tickets accidentally issued due to communication malfunctions or entry errors.


Automatically double check for errors

Whether a plate number is entered incorrectly by your customer, an enforcement officer, or misread by plate recognition, Plate Check’s AI uses machine learning to detect and correct errors, while Final Check makes one last query in real time when an officer hits “issue ticket” to ensure a meter hasn’t been topped off, so your citizens never pay for simple mistakes or bad timing.

Eliminate latency and communication issues

With automated data capture and built-in optical character recognition, you’ll massively reduce—if not outright eliminate—the potential for the data entry errors that are all-too-common with manual entry.

Improve compliance while boosting performance

Our Error Correction module has been engineered with your KPIs and performance objectives in mind.

With it, you’ll be able to ramp up efficiency, realize compliance goals, and dramatically improve the perception and satisfaction of superiors, stakeholders, and the public.

See Our Solutions in Action

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