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With a combination of garages, surface lots, and on-street parking, campus parking can be painful to manage. That’s why our parking management solutions are designed to offer a custom, integrative, and intuitive experience so both use and enforcement are equally painless.

Why colleges and
universities choose gtechna

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Campus Parking, Simplified

Avoid expensive renovations and make the most of your current parking infrastructure. We design completely customized university parking management systems to make things as easy as possible for you and your staff, faculty, and students.

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Seamless User Experience

Meet the demand for seamless, digitized parking experiences. With our Permits and Invoice or Ticket by Mail modules, you can further automate ticket processing and eliminate the need for on-site enforcement, all while doing away with decals, hang tags, and physical tickets for good.

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Easy Integration

Our experienced team is fully equipped to analyze, design, and integrate a system that works for your campus, so you can have an efficient and modern parking system without having to completely overhaul your current infrastructure.

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