Digital Chalking - Brochure

Digital Chalking - Brochure

Chalking has been around for a long time; budget concerns have too, which is why chalking has prevailed as the go-to solution when faced with the higher capital costs of paid parking. But, with the recent US Court of Appeals deeming chalking unconstitutional, it may be time to consider what’s next for the enforcement of time-limited areas. Until recently chalking has evolved very little marking a vehicle’s tires to determine whether it has moved. The consensus tends to be that chalking has been satisfactory, but with some revenue loss due to motorists cheating the chalking system.

As a forerunner in License Plate Recognition (LPR), real-time and plate-based enforcement solutions, gtechna’s digital chalking solutions are transforming the management of parking in time delimited zones into a truly efficient parking enforcement option.

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