Ensuring Your Laws Support Ticket By Mail

Ensuring Your Laws Support Ticket By Mail

The ability to mail tickets to vehicle owners brings a much-needed enforcement tool. This practice discourages vehicles that are illegally parked from pulling out in an unsafe manner to avoid being ticketed and for those that do, ensures that violations do not go unenforced. Whether it's to enforce no-standing rules in school zones, blocking bike lanes, or obeying street cleaning schedules; ticket by mail has been used to increase compliance, overall efficiency, and, moreover both officer and public safety.

In this Webinar, John Fournier, seasoned Parking Consultant and currently, Assistant City Administrator at the City of Ann Arbor, shares his extensive experience navigating the complexities of city policy to lead several successful projects including the implementation of ticket mail at the City of Pittsburgh. John has formerly been Director of On-street and Metered Parking at the City of Pittsburgh and Deputy Chief of the Staff to the Mayor's Office, City of Pittsburgh.

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