gtechna + Sourcewell

gtechna + Sourcewell

When it comes to procuring vendors and services for your municipality’s projects, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are standard practice, and to a degree, for good reason.

Although there are many benefits to the Request for Proposal process, there are clearly just as many, if not more, drawbacks, including expending significant time, money, and resources most municipalities simply can't through which procurement team members can not only easily access all necessary RFP and contract documentation, but also review the vendor overview, references, and links to their external resources. While certainly helpful for projects at hand, it's also incredibly beneficial for researching options the municipality plans to address in the future, instead of having to first define projects and issue RFPs to examine potential solutions. Spare.

By adopting the Sourcewell solution for your project's needs, you'll be able to shortcut the process with no loss of potential options and effectively establish an even greater level of transparency and ease.

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