Congratulations to Our Newest Director of Customer Success, David Alvarez

Congratulations to Our Newest Director of Customer Success
April 20, 2022
Congratulations to Our Newest Director of Customer Success, David Alvarez

It has been an exciting time here at gtechna recently as we’ve been celebrating our 30th Anniversary. To add to that excitement, we are pleased to announce our newest Director of Customer Success, David Alvarez. David is no stranger to the brand, having worked for gtechna as a highly accomplished and revered Senior Project Manager for over eight years prior to this new role. We look forward to witnessing David transition his industry experience, institutional knowledge, and customer-centric focus to his new position seamlessly. In the meantime, and in the spirit of announcing our Director of Customer Success, here’s an exclusive look at David’s commitment to a top-notch customer experience.  

Q: What do you enjoy the most about collaborating with clients and partners?
A: “I really enjoy working with our customers from all different places in the United States and Canada and places internationally because it means the opportunity to work with people from different cultures. Further, I truly enjoy the impactful partnerships that we can develop with our clients in the process of getting to know their needs and then crafting solutions to meet them.”'

Q: When approaching a new project, what are your most important goals and objectives?
A: “When I approach a new project, I need to make sure that we have a successful customer at the end while meeting our finance goals, too. Sure, as a business, you look to gain customers, but ensuring success, building partnerships, and fostering growth so our customers ultimately implement a solution that solves their biggest parking and mobility enforcement problems is paramount.”

Q: What makes a project successful for you?
A: “Every successful project starts with a strong partnership. By getting to know our clients and their unique needs, we’re able to develop solutions that make their lives—and the lives of their citizens—better together. I plan to use every opportunity in this new role to empower them with the tools they need to grow and set new standards for parking and mobility, not just for themselves, but the industry as a whole.”

Q: How do you define “Customer Success” for gtechna? What does it set out to do?
A: “Our Customer Success division of the gtechna brand is focused on the lifelong success of the clients we serve. We ensure that by empowering them with world-class parking and mobility solutions that meet their goals and needs as well as the citizens they serve. This dedication to meeting our clients’ needs is what genuine customer success looks like.”

Q: Can you briefly touch on the Customer Success process and how that works?v
A: “Our Customer Success process is basically a framework that ensures our customers understand our product. It also serves to improve overall engagement and answer questions and give feedback swiftly. This process leads to delivering and reinforcing customer value thanks to encompassing the specific steps and inspections that ensure our customers are satisfied with all of our products and services.”

Q: Can you describe the difference between customer success versus customer support?
A: “Customer Service and Support are inherently reactive, meaning they respond to a client after an issue has occurred. The Customer Success team is diligent in anticipating the needs of our clients before they even reach out to us. While we do have overlap between departments, Customer Service is geared towards metrics and our Customer Success team is focused on fostering our existing and future client relationships and partnerships.”

Q: What does an outstanding Customer Success culture look like?
A: “Customer Success culture is established by incorporating the right strategies and practices simultaneously. The term “customer success” is truly defined by the accomplishments of our customers. They must first feel that sense of thriving with our products in order to continue realizing lifetime value in collaboration with gtechna. The Customer Success culture we seek to realize involves an enduring dynamic of “success” for our customers.”  

Congratulations again and join us in welcoming David Alvarez to his new role as Director of Customer Success!

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