What is a Smart Parking System

The Benefits of Smart Parking Systems: A Guide | gtechna
March 27, 2024
What is a Smart Parking System

Smart parking solutions are like finding a needle in a haystack, but the haystack is exceptionally well organized. With data analysis, online payments, and cloud-based enforcement, they reduce headaches and inefficiencies for parking departments and managers so they can focus on what really matters — streamlining traffic and providing a seamless parking experience for drivers.

What is Smart Parking? 

A smart parking system is a state-of-the-art specialized solution created to improve a parking space's efficiency, convenience, and management.

Smart parking technology uses tools like digital permits, license plate recognition (LPR), e-citation software, and automated parking enforcement solutions. Implementing such a system aims to improve curb space usage, minimize traffic congestion, and optimize the overall parking experience.

For drivers, the intelligent parking system translates into a more convenient and stress-free experience. They can receive instant updates on the nearest available spaces, reducing frustration and saving valuable time. The integration of cashless payment options within the system further streamlines the process, allowing drivers to pay for parking effortlessly through their smartphones.  

How Smart City Parking Works

Smart city parking solutions combine the power of motion detection, data reading sensors, AI-powered cameras, and cloud computing to rethink parking management and enforcement. 

Digital Permits 

When digitizing the permit issuance process, users gain instant access to permits while authorities reduce administrative overhead and streamline the overall management of parking authorizations.

  • Enforcement personnel can easily verify permit validity with LPR technology and cloud-based parking enforcement software without relying on physical tags or stickers. 
  • Digital permits prevent misuse or fraudulent activities related to parking permits, enabling better control over permit usage.
  • Administrators can effortlessly customize permit types, zones, rates, frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly), and more, aligning with local requirements.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

LPR technology empowers parking authorities to monitor parking durations and enforce time limits, discouraging violations and fostering a fair parking experience.

  • LPR contributes to improved data analysis for parking authorities, providing insights into parking patterns, seasonal changes, and occupancy rates.  
  • This data-driven approach helps make informed decisions about pricing, parking layout optimization, and resource allocation.  
  • When paired with AI technology, LPR can manage every scenario on the curb, including hydrants, bike lanes, and loading zones.

Smartphone Compatibility for the User

Smart city parking solutions streamline the parking experience by digitizing the curb and streamlining interactions between public service providers and citizens. All the necessary resources for drivers are conveniently accessible through their smartphones.

  • Real-time space availability reduces frustration by allowing drivers to find an open parking spot quickly.
  • Mobile payments eliminate the need for physical currency or credit cards.
  • Navigation and wayfinding features provide turn-by-turn directions to the selected parking spot. 

Towing and Booting Automation 

Sensors and LPR trigger automated towing and booting solutions, mitigating the inefficiencies and potential errors associated with manual processes. 

  • Automation significantly reduces the need for human intervention, minimizing labor costs and enhancing overall operational efficiency. 
  • Automated enforcement systems ensure swift and accurate responses, contributing to a more seamless and reliable management of parking enforcement activities. 
  • Smart parking also enables digital recordkeeping and compliance tracking as well. 

Heat Map Data 

Heat maps visually represent parking data to help local authorities and parking managers make informed decisions. These maps offer a real-world view of parking information, which is helpful when you need to benchmark performance, map officer activity, and track parking events, timings, and patterns. 

  • Heat maps uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and trends. 
  • The bird's-eye view allows for the easy visualization of causal and correlative relationships, calculation of true value, mapping behaviors, and observation of supply and demand patterns. 
  • Heat maps help gather and manage complex ticket data, transforming it into invaluable reporting and insights.

Self-Service Kiosks 

Strategically positioned self-service kiosks offer an additional layer of accessibility to public services, catering to drivers without smartphones or laptops who prefer to avoid in-person interactions with enforcement personnel. Serving as a virtual gateway, the kiosk's interface seamlessly navigates users through payment processes. 

  • These kiosks deliver a comprehensive experience, allowing drivers to access services as effortlessly as they would from their personal devices. 
  • They can seamlessly integrate with other public systems, expanding their functionality beyond parking management to include tasks such as bill payments or tax transactions, ensuring a streamlined experience for citizens. 
  • Incorporating digital forms simplifies user engagement with essential documents, minimizing the reliance on physical paperwork.

The Benefits of Smart Parking 

Smart city parking solutions optimize the parking experience and improve urban mobility and the community's quality of life. Local authorities gain from improved city planning and resource allocation, while parking directors experience enhanced operational efficiency and revenue generation through data-driven decision-making. And the true winners are the citizens who enjoy the ripple effect of reduced traffic congestion and enhanced traffic flow. 

Streamline Operations

When authorities leverage online platforms, mobile apps, kiosks, and other tools that enable cloud-based enforcement, citizens can handle everything themselves using the most comfortable tools. Drivers can manage their parking-related issues at their own pace, with no need for in-person interactions and long queues in public offices to pay parking fees, contest tickets, or schedule a hearing.

Reduce Labor Costs

Smart parking systems minimize the need for manual oversight, and labor costs associated with routine monitoring and enforcement are drastically reduced. Moreover, the real-time data provided by smart parking systems enables operators to optimize staffing levels based on actual demand, deploying personnel only where and when needed.

Maximize Efficiency

Local authorities and parking administrators can delve into detailed analyses of trends, performance metrics, and various data types to understand the local parking ecosystem and customize enforcement strategies. Built-in business intelligence tools include dimensions like timeline, workforce, infraction type, or geography to empower decision-makers to optimize parking management processes, responding dynamically to evolving conditions and contributing to more efficient curb management. 

Reduce Traffic

Circling a block or hunting for a parking spot contributes to preventable congestion. A coordinated and automated parking system reduces traffic congestion by letting users know a parking space is available and where they need to go.

This means no more going into a parking space and spending time looking for a spot only to get out without finding any.

AI-Powered Smart Parking from gtechna

Artificial intelligence can further enhance these smart parking systems with advanced recognition capabilities, image analysis, and more accurate enforcement processes for a more responsive approach to parking management. Gtechna smart parking technology leverages AI to provide cloud hosting, digital permits, LPR software, and ticketing products for smooth, seamless, and hassle-free parking experiences. 

Using best-of-breed tech, gtechna enables municipalities, parking operators, and police departments to eliminate administrative burdens, increase parking enforcement efficiency, and improve individual parking experience through workflow automation. 

Do you have questions about how gtechna's smart parking technology can enhance efficiency and safety in your community? We're here to help! Reach out to us today for personalized insights and parking enforcement solutions.

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