Fixed License Plate Recognition

Use our fixed license plate recognition (LPR) cameras to automate off-street parking management. Continuous LPR verifies vehicle parking rights upon entry or exit, making it easy to manage parking resources and exceptions with minimal physical presence.

Fixed License Plate Recognition

Highly Efficient Off-Street Parking Management

Simplify the way you manage garages and lots with automated parking rights verification to boost efficiency and minimize management.

Maximize Your Force With Automation

Fixed LPR cameras track vehicles with violations and alert officers when enforcement is needed at a lot or garage. Dispatching officers only after a violation threshold has been reached—or simply issuing violations through Ticket by Mail—allows you to utilize your force more efficiently.

Perfectly Scalable and Configurable

With our off-street parking module, you can manage multiple garages and lots remotely, greatly minimizing staffing needs. This gateless solution seamlessly integrates with the infrastructure you already have in place, making it easy to get started and incorporate additional lots as your needs grow.

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