With built-in license plate recognition integration, mobile ticketing technology, and more, gtechna partners with law enforcement to enforce moving violations and issue citations more efficiently.

Why police departments
choose gtechna

Kid with police

Improve Overall Performance and Service to Citizens

With a faster process for issuing citations, your officers can cover more ground per shift. That means time gained to deliver better service to citizens and reduced paperwork back at the office.

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Enforce Multiple Laws From a Single Plate

Does your agency cover a multitude of infraction types like parking codes and bylaws? Fortunately, gtechna can provide an all-in-one, streamlined experience from a single platform.

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Flexible Options

Whether you want a turnkey hosted solution or applications installed right on-premise, we offer plenty of options when it comes to setting up your system to best suit your agency and your officers’ needs.

See Our Solutions in Action

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