Digital Permits

Modern cities require modern solutions. That’s why we designed Digital Permits to be an intuitive yet comprehensive platform to handle all permitting needs, so both your organization and citizens get a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective solution that meets their needs and expectations. Select any one to suit your needs or employ all three for a powerful all-in-one solution!


Residential Parking Permit (RPP) - Annual

Provide one of the most common parking-related necessities with an easy and convenient self-service portal. Residents simply need to create an account, fill out a brief digital application, upload license registration and proof of residency, pay, and submit. Once approved by the city clerk, RPP holders gain additional benefits, such as auto-renew, automated approvals, and streamlined applications for Monthly, Guest, and Temporary permits.

Residential Parking Permit (RPP) - Monthly

Effectively manage all monthly spaces that exist curbside and beyond, like city-owned lots and other public parking spaces—all with the same simple process. Much like Annual RPPs, users simply need to create an account, select the permit type, location, start date and time, upload their license registration and proof of residency, pay, and submit.

Residential Parking Permit (RPP) - Guest & Visitor Parking Permit

Empower your residents to accommodate guests and visitors with just a few clicks. Through the same process as applying for a monthly or annual parking permit—with the addition of defining a time and date range that adheres to your business rules—citizens can quickly and easily get parking permits for all who come to visit.


Residential Parking Permit (RPP) - Temporary Parking Permit

Accommodate temporary vehicles, such as commercial work vehicles, with ease and efficiency. Through the Digital Permits portal, users can create an account, add the permit type, zone, and date, input their vehicle plate number, pay, and submit. For temporary sites, such as work zones, you can even add a near-field communication (NFC) tag or QR code to any on-site signage so users can simply tag or scan to shortcut the process.

Transient Permits

In some instances, a resident may not be inclined to purchase a Monthly Permit for a parking lot they use infrequently. Instead, they can get a Transient Permit, as it doesn’t require an associated address, app, or account—all they have to do is apply a simple tap of the NFC or QR code scan on lot signage for a quick and easy solution.

Administrative Back Office

Meet the growing needs of your clerks with Digital Permits’ Administrative Back Office portal. This intuitive, all-encompassing dashboard allows administrators to easily configure permit types, zones, rates, frequency—daily, weekly, monthly, yearly—and more, all according to business requirements.

Combine modules for complete enforcement solutions

Our modules were designed to provide comprehensive permitting and ticketing solutions. Whether you’re a regular or a one-time visitor, Digital Permits are just a click away on our self-serve Online Services portal, so visitors can easily take advantage of parking in off-street lots.

Plus, by integrating with our off-street parking solution and fixed LPR system powered by our automated ticket-by-mail processing, you can make digital permits complete a 360-degree off-street system.

See Our Solutions in Action

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