Handheld License Plate Recognition

Handheld License Plate Recognition takes the power of LPR technology and places it right in the hands of your officers. With the ability to quickly and easily capture and transfer data to your ticketing system, they’ll have everything they need to enforce on foot efficiently.

Handheld License Plate Recognition

Optimize on Foot Enforcement

Give your officers one of the most powerful and efficient tools available. By leveraging automation with LPR, your officers will be able to instantly capture and transfer data as they move on foot—and streamline their workflows in the process.

Eliminate Errors

With automated data capture and built-in optical character recognition, you’ll massively reduce—if not outright eliminate—the potential for the data entry errors that are all-too-common with manual entry.

Leverage Powerful Integrations

Create an even more powerful seamless digital workflow by integrating Handheld LPR into your current system using our Handheld Hits Dashboard or other gtechna modules, such as Pay-by-plate, to get a complete eTicketing solution with feature-rich administrative tools for ticket management.

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