Vehicle License Plate Recognition

Cover more ground with vehicle mount automated license plate recognition (LPR) technology. With LPR, officers can monitor more plates per shift and use real-time communication to share data with other officers by using our Handheld Hits Dashboard, based on the nearest GPS location for targeted enforcement.

Vehicle License Plate Recognition

Optimize Efficiency

Vehicle-mounted LPR cameras help dramatically increase scofflaw interceptions without increasing your force. Officers can scan up to 8,000 plates per shift simply by driving their usual routes. In addition, they can even help collaborate with police on stolen vehicles through Stealth Alerts.

Better Collaboration = Safer Streets

Make your streets safer than ever before. With seamless data sharing between police and parking agencies, LPR puts existing data to better use and vastly improves collaborative efforts around the common goal of safety.

Complete Enforcement Efforts

Between integrating into your current system and other gtechna modules, such as Pay-by-plate, digital permits, or our Handheld Hits Dashboard, you’ll have a powerful end-to-end enforcement solution with plenty of flexibility to suit your organization’s needs.

See Our Solutions in Action

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