AI License Plate Recognition

Unlock true continuous enforcement with alerts for every infraction type with no more exceptions. AI LPR offers a fully automated process, backed up by a thorough evidence package with GPS location, rear images, side profile images, valve stem status, and occupancy detection within the vehicle.

Watch AI License Plate Recognition Streamline Curb Management

Digitize the Curb with AI LPR

Enhance your enforcement three-fold. Mix and match a combination of three key AI LPR technologies modules to extend your enforcement efforts any way you see fit. Vastly improve your coverage with cloud-connected vehicle-mount LPR, then follow-up, verify, and issue with Handheld LPR, and cover everything in between with a Fixed AI LPR system.

Enhanced Parking Control with AI

Our AI license plate recognition software elevates existing LPR technology by fusing detection with context for faster, more accurate identification of zoning violations

AI LPR in Action

AI LPR systems can identify vehicles obstructing the curb space designated for rideshare pick-up and drop-off.

It can also time authorized rideshare vehicles to ensure time limits are respected for temporary parking zone where no standing is allowed.

Violations can be sent to drivers via ticket by mail with minimal involvement from the enforcement officer.

Automated Data Capture for Smart Decision-Making

With AI LPR parking systems, users can now automatically capture, log, and visualize data needed to make smart decisions based on the proper context.

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Discover the Power of AI LPR (License Plate Recognition)

Optimize Curb Space Management

Improve Curb Space Utilization

In busy cities, curb space is a valuable but limited resource. AI License Plate Recognition software manages the space efficiently by monitoring high-value assets, especially those critical to the day-to-day functioning of local business.

Use Advanced Curb Space Occupancy Management

AI LPR systems gather parking data on vehicle parking movement, patterns, and trends to empower informed decision-making and optimization of high-occupancy curb spaces.

Improve Traffic Flow

Traffic congestion often results from obstructions, with illegally parked cars as a major contributing factor. AI LPR systems help deter such parking violations by identifying and addressing more violators, improving traffic flow.

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Discover Increased ROI for Your Organization

Improve Revenue

Utilizing AI license plate recognition systems ensures  compliance. This reduces revenue loss due to enforcement errors and improving financial performance.

More Cost Savings

AI license plate recognition systems automate the tasks of detecting, monitoring and managing parked vehicles with minimal human intervention. This can help reduce paperwork, staff requirements, and overhead, which in turn helps lower operational expenses.

Integrate and Support Your Other Systems

AI license plate recognition enhances interdepartmental information sharing such as urban planning. Having usage data at your fingertips allows other departments to leverage these insights to create service improvements and optimize planning.

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Discover a Safer, More Compliant Environment

Improve Overall Safety

AI license plate recognition helps cities achieve their decarbonization targets by enforcing protected zones that are reserved for alternative transportation and mobility.

Improve Efficiency

Unlock the power of AI license plate recognition technology to boost operational efficiency. From optimizing curb space to streamlining data analysis, our comprehensive solutions drive smarter decisions and resource allocation.

Improve Compliance and Enforcement of Rules

AI License Plate Recognition keeps increasingly cluttered real-estate in check. This shows taxpayers their city is serious about enforcing business rules, encouraging compliance with first-and last-mile rideables.

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