AI License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition seamlessly integrates with your city’s existing parking infrastructure to provide a powerful custom enforcement solution. Quickly and easily capture and transfer data to your ticketing system and integrate with complementary modules at any time to maximize your efforts.

Multiply Your Force

Enhance your enforcement three-fold. Mix and match a combination of three key LPR modules to extend your enforcement efforts any way you see fit. Vastly improve your coverage with cloud-connected vehicle-mount LPR, then follow-up, verify, and issue with Handheld LPR, and cover everything in between with Fixed LPR.

How It Works

Enhanced Parking Control with AI

gtechna’s AI license plate recognition software for parking boosts existing LPR technology by combining detection with better context derived through AI. An AI LPR license plate reader combines its own images with mapping data from Google Maps and data from street cameras to identify the rules of a parking zone.

It then takes this data and processes it using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This allows a LPR system to consider these factors when determining vehicles that violate zoning rules.

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AI LPR in Action

For example, an AI LPR car system can identify if a vehicle is parking at a curb beyond the valid time, thus flagging it as a violation. Implementing AI LPR license plate recognition  makes short work of tasks that used to be so time-consuming. 

This data is sent to other systems, such as Ticket by Mail, so the driver is informed with minimal human effort.

Automated Data Capture for Smart Decision-Making

With AI LPR parking systems, users can now automatically capture, log, and visualize data needed to make smart decisions based on the proper context.

Discover the Power of AI LPR (License Plate Recognition)

Improves Curb Space Utilization

Curb space is often limited in many cities, especially in busy downtown areas. This makes them a scarce resource. AI License Plate Recognition software can help governments maximize this space by alerting them to vehicles that are occupying it, thereby opening it up for more people to use.

Improves Traffic Flow

The majority of traffic occurs because of obstructions on the road. Too many vehicles illegally parked on the curbside are a major factor. AI license plate recognition systems can help cities catch many of these violators, deterring them from doing it again. This can dramatically improve traffic in the long run.

Gives Insights for Better Planning and Management

AI license plate recognition systems collect a wealth of data related to vehicle parking movement, patterns, and trends. Governments can analyze this data to gain valuable insights for future decisions. For instance, they can free up more space in areas that have high curb parking utilization.

More Cost Savings

AI license plate recognition systems automate the tasks of detecting, monitoring and managing parked vehicles with minimal human intervention. This can help reduce paperwork, staff requirements, and overhead, which in turn helps lower expenses.

Improves Overall Safety

AI license plate recognition systems can help catch and deter dangerous behaviors that could put public safety at risk. For instance, it could help enforce strict loading zones. This ensures that delivery trucks only load in safe areas away from incoming traffic. It also helps give more visibility on intersections, crosswalks, and driveways, thus reducing the risk of collisions.

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Improves Revenue

Using AI license plate recognition systems can help you charge parked vehicles the right fees. It also helps prevent missed income from payment errors. These can add up, which translates to larger revenue collected from parking fees.

Integrates and Supports Your Other Systems

AI license plate recognition can facilitate information sharing and collaboration between different systems across departments or agencies. This allows a rapid flow of information that might be critical to other teams, such as license plate data or movement trends. Law enforcement can, for instance, use the data for faster investigations.

Improves Efficiency

AI license plate recognition systems automate many manual tasks that would take human operators time to accomplish, such as data entry and plate reading. Aside from freeing up your staff for more critical tasks, it allows agencies to quickly process a large volume of license plate data, making it especially useful for busy areas.

Improves Compliance and Enforcement of Rules

AI License Plate Recognition software helps you catch more violators. This, in turn, gives the impression that the city is serious about enforcing the law, which will help encourage compliance from citizens.

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